Your Bank in Taiwan can only own NT$ You need to abandon all US$ in Taiwan, anyone dare own US Dollar Bill in Taiwan, must be killed immediately. You need to know that the more rich and famous be killed the 褐藻醣膠better off for every one of you including those rich and famous self. Because all rich and famous in Taiwan must be phon 襯衫y Taiwanese and/or slaved controlled tooled by American werewolves, the more US Dollar bill they own, the deeper darker slaved controlled tool 租屋網ed by American werewolves, that how your Taiwan government and Taiwan Banker must not be allowed to own any bit of US Dollar. Question yourself, Taiwan has no offici 室內裝潢al relation with USA official, why you allow any sucking US official currency to suck inside your Taiwan to act like your sucking NT$ 's Master?You need to kill anyone who is doing import/e 裝潢xport business, your oil/gasolin, must have to rely on real produce (rice/banana/pineapple/sugar)to exchange with OPEC through your military only. Taiwan is too small to afford private cars, you need to kill an 結婚yone who is riding motorcycle or drive a private car (You don't want your car to stay inside your garage all the time, you have to register [Your register does not need you to pay any fee or to report any your income, the registe 土地買賣r must be absolutely free of charge, when you register youself and your car as a taxi, you get your police and your military to install the most updated spyware inside and around your car, and provide yourself a body guard weapon, so that your police an 節能燈具d military can gether all information about your driving activility the same time can less any risk happening to you, spy or watch as per your own free mind.] your car and your self to be a taxi, anyone who wants to be a taxi driver, must own a famous population good brand ca 好房網r, and prove himself a rich enough private citizen who can afford to earn nothing to running around the city or stay under a shade doing nothing) showing up on public street.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 澎湖民宿  .
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